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Service Updates    

Welcome to the Jackal's Lantern, home to The Halloweenrs street gang!

        Formed by Gang Leader; Slash Burn, early in April of 2012.

                                                        |||UNDER CONSTRUCTION|||

Guild News    

DCUO: Home Turf out January 29th!

Slash Burn, Jan 24, 13 7:42 AM.

NEW San Paros Chapter of The Halloweeners!

Slash Burn, Sep 22, 12 11:01 AM.
        We have started a new Chapter of The Halloweeners on APB Reloaded!  Join us on the streets of San Paro and bust some caps in some 4cer's with us!  APB is a free to download, free to play MMO with a Grand Theft Auto twist.  Check this for more info!

        Hit me up in San Paro!  SlashBurn, Criminal side, Joker(NA East) server.

Gotham News Bulletin!

Slash Burn, Jul 4, 12 11:41 PM.
        "Tonight, the East End Police Station suffered a brutal attack by a small contingent of the Halloweenrs street gang.  Scores of Heroes rushed to aid, but were unable to readily stop the attackers.  After a fair portion of an hour, they managed to overwhelm the gang enough to stem the vicious assault.  Pushing the gang back into hiding.

        Tonight's assault leaves a currently unknown amount of Heroes KO'd, though original estimates are among the hundreds.  The Halloweenrs have been known for some time as a petty nuisence, but this most recent attack raises new questions;  What provoked this attack?  Could this be the first in many similar attacks?  Most importantly, who's Electro's hairdresser?

        For Gotham News Now! This is Vicki Vale."

July 4th!

Slash Burn, Jul 4, 12 8:28 AM.
        Happy July 4th to all our American chummers! Let's see lots of fireworks out on the streets of Gotham and Metro today!
        Also, it's a Double Station Cash sale today. If you've been considering purchasing some, today would be a good day to do it!

Back in Black... Black and Orange!

Slash Burn, Jun 22, 12 12:22 AM.
        Activity is back up! Many great new members, and Welcome to all our new chummers! Let's give the Heroes something to talk about!
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